Friday, March 13, 2009

Dreem Houze

Like at this buetiful manshun we saw on other side of town twoday. Sooooooooo magnisifent! Wish we had won. We wood eats have ower own flour!!!

You WILL rip what you sew

Just keep that in mine before doing ebil two us.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lattice Debelpments

emposter bloggs are falling won by won! Joyn us in celibrashion. soooo happy just know..


WHile we shopping this morning some ebil debils packed ower home full of blue shoping kots!!!Soooooo ennoying! And the vendles skribled riting all over! We not freks!  U think you soooooo phuny dun't you?!  We could been serusly ingured if we inside. We no who responsibubble and they pay for this!!!



I want won!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Wilcome to me new blog. I be pesting on this blogg on know on. Me old blogg was hijact by som very meen peeple whu hav grudge aginst me family. They soooooo ennoying!! The enter nut very scarry place sometime. Please come bak soon to reed me new pests.

Fake enternut bloggs made against my family:
Only a dirty minded, filthy empostor, also these blogg all our FAKE:

I sure there moor out there, please note and rite these sick people who started these bloggs. They obsessed with me family, and ower friends. Even they thretened us fiscally. In the comments there is alot of filth that you not want to read, so be carefully. Theese peoples are danjerous, if you can find out who started those blogs above please let us know. We thot we new who did this, we not so shore now. rofl...Oops!